Does Your Money Look Good Naked?

By Jessica Bost, Client Relationship Manager and Operations Director at Strategic Financial Management

Prior to joining the team at Strategic Financial Management in Augusta, GA, I was a personal trainer and fitness coach. Time after time, I would meet new clients who were looking to improve their health; yet, in over ten years, I never came across a single client who wanted health just for the sake of health. Their motive, the reason they bolstered the courage to walk through the door of a gym, was always tied to what the achievement of health could do for them. Whether they wanted to be able to run a marathon, avoid medications and the Doc’s chastisement, keep up with their grandkids, or even simply look good naked, the purpose was never simply to shore up health.

Over the past year I’ve seen many commonalities between the fitness and finances fields; this being one of the strongest: similar to having good health, most people value the opportunities and experiences that financial fitness offers them – the ability to live their best life both now and in the future. And sitting across the table seeing a client’s fear and anxiety be replaced by peace and clarity has been just as fulfilling as receiving a text from a client with a “Before” and “After” they began their fitness journey with me.

Some of the happiest people I know are the ones who attach meaning and purpose to their financial goals, and then find a coach who will help them in pursuing those goals. Are you genuinely happy with your financial fitness? If not, it could be time to set goals and find yourself a coach.

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