Meet Scott


Scott Fitzgerald is the Founder, CEO, and Wealth Strategist of Strategic Financial Management (SFM), a local firm serving entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and their families. Established in 2004, SFM specializes in comprehensive financial planning focusing on wealth management, retirement planning, and creating strategies for financial independence.

Throughout the years, Scott’s mission is to serve his clients by helping them make intelligent financial decisions that connect with their goals.

Scott is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Prior to his time at Prudential, Scott earned a Bachelor in Business Administration from Georgia Southern University, then served as a CPA in the public accounting sector for seven years. Since 2010, Scott has been an independent financial advisor, and the proactive approach he and his team developed helps his clients turn uncertainty into clarity, which results in a greater sense of financial confidence.

Scott has a broad scope of experience with the challenges entrepreneurs and executives face, and has a commitment to provide meaningful direction on wealth planning needs and strategies, such as tax liability, risk management, credit utilization and balance. Scott understands the risks and pressures of owning a business or working in a highly demanding profession, all while planning for a family’s current and future needs.

Scott and his wife have been married for 19 years, and now enjoy raising and watching their kids Sidney, Harrison and Phillip compete in various sports. As a family, the Fitzgeralds enjoy snow skiing, UGA football, and the occasional escape to the beach. Motivated by a desire to constantly improve, Scott challenges himself every day to complete the day’s rigorous CrossFit workout and pray big prayers that God will utilize him to his full capacity.