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Strategic Investment

Our step-by-step investment process provides a clearly defined path with customized recommended strategies that make it easy to stay on track and accomplish your most important goals.

1. Goal Connection Experience

 During our initial conversation, we strive to establish the short and long term goals your portfolio should achieve.  Before any recommendations are made, it is critical to understand what your investment expectations are and how they tie back to your goals.  We also aim to discover what is most important to you along with what has driven investment decisions you have made in the past.

2. Strategy Development

We review all of your current holdings and evaluate if they are a good fit for your specific investment goals.  Why are they in your portfolio? Can they be easily transferred to another asset type if needed? Are there tax considerations? Are there current liquidity desires?

The way we construct portfolios is based on the four core principles of Diversification, Innovation, Independent Analysis, and Hands on Management. This approach helps to invest successfully in a way that builds both wealth and relationships.

Whatever an investor’s goals may be, we have a strategy to help reach them. Our strategies offer different balances of risk and reward, depending on an investor’s risk tolerance and time horizon. They are all designed to offer consistent, competitive performance while seeking to achieve better risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

3. Present and Implement Solutions

      We will review your current and proposed portfolio to show how a proper asset allocation can enhance your investment success. Our portfolios span multiple asset classes, including both traditional strategies — domestic equity, international equity, and fixed income — and alternatives, including absolute return, real assets, and private equity. Our clients often have access to products and strategies usually only available to large, institutional investors.

4. Periodic Review

      Your accounts are continually monitored to ensure they maintain the ability to deliver the expected results and to see if changes need to be made in order to stay on track. Clear, proactive ongoing communication via conferences, web and written format for our clients enhance the investor experience.

Contact Strategic Financial Management today to see if we can help you achieve your investment objectives.